DoTerra Review Is DoTerra A Great Home Based Business, Or Is It Yet Another Batch of Snake Oil

With all the BS, new companies popping up all over the place, & good ol’ information overload it’s way too easy to get swept up and become completely lost in it all. Though some folks will gladly plug any one company as having its coming into being equal to a most important life changing event, still others will jump out of the woodwork to brand almost every home business as being a total con, regardless of evidence, or the lack thereof, in order to back up their claims. Somewhere Among all the hype & the war stories, the reality lies.

I wanted to write this article regarding doTerra for a couple important reasons: 1. So I can provide you a third party, unbiased standpoint from someone who is NOT a sales rep for doTerra, and has been around the block a few times with the home based business industry, to help you sort through the garbage out there. 2. To supply you indispensable education on exactly how to succeed in doTerra, should you want to sign up with this network marketing company.

So, without further ado, let’s go right into it.

What Does DoTerra Offer? doTerra is a startup company; as of January 12, 2011 they’re in prelaunch phase. Their main product is a line up of different therapeutic grade essential oils used for a surplus of therapeutic benefits as well as recognized medicinal benefits, sans all of the serious side effects of “traditional” medications. They also sell skin care, hair care and diet supplement products that have also been mixed with these essential oils.

Is DoTerra a rip-off? After some studying plus checking out the Better Business Bureau’s website it was really obvious that this company wasn’t a con. The BBB rated DoTerra A-, mentioning how little time doTerra has actually been in business, but how it hardly had any complaints (only 1) and how swiftly the complaint was resolved.

DoTerra’s Compensation Plan: With what I could uncover of doTerra’s comp plan, There are two ways to get paid in doTerra, though one method comes with more goodies, which depends on on how well you perform right away: 1. Retail: doTerra shells out 25% retail commission off every customer sale as well as 9% commission from preferred customer purchases 2. Building a team: doTerra utiliizes a multi leg system, which can require 3-6 qualifying legs, as in each leg needs to reach a certain rank, for you to hit the higher ranks. They also offer more incentives to hit the ground running with Quick Start Bonuses, which get paid out on a weekly basis. Essentially, you gain an extra 20% of your downline’s purchases & sales within their first thirty days. Organizational Leadership Bonuses are also awarded for those who are in it to win it. This particular bonus is given out each month and each quarter. When you reach the higher, executive ranks, starting at Silver & going up to Presidential Diamond, you can also receive a percentage from the Leadership Pools, which can add up with a quickness.

Requirements for Staying Active: 100 PV is mandatory to stay on active status. Furthermore, if you stay on autoship for these products for an extended period of time, beginning after the month, you are rewarded with product credits, or basically a percentage off, for purchasing products on autoship, up to 30% PV value of your orders.

Final Thoughts: Judging from what I saw in my research of doTerra I feel that this truly is a solid company with a product that has actual value; something that people would actually purchase even without a business model come with it.

Nonetheless, no business opportunity is perfect. There is a clear and potentially lethal flaw that could very well destroy any hopes a representative would have to produce a full-time-family pay and live the life of freedom they so richly deserve.

The one thing that was mentioned in the middle of the company intro presentation was HOW they marketed this business. The main approach is “person-to-person” “marketing,” AKA harassing friends & family about this new product that you’re so suddenly excited about. This marketing “strategy” still to this day destroys numerous strong relationships due to the lack of education on how to correctly, effectively market yourself and not acting like a nauseating pest.

What is vital in order to carry on (in most cases) and flourish (in all cases) in your business opportunity, whichever business you choose, is a simple strategy to Magnetically draw prospects to you, already seeking you out with credit card in hand, excited to join YOUR opportunity and YOUR team! I don’t know if you can imagine how much better your life would be should you use a working system to make this possible. Once you learn to do that, and team up with an experienced leader to show you through this fundamental process, there is no telling how far you will be able to go in your doTerra business.

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