The new generation technique which is spreading it’s wings and have an user friendly approach obviously to worldwide users is of ERP. From the recent graphs it is observed that almost 90% of business concerns are willing to acquire the latest ERP technique which is obviously the new generation syndrome .Through the concept of cloud computing , an easy way for a business house to maintain it’s software and hardware in a single thread. ERP is Enterprise Resource Planning, had the more emphasize on bridging the gap of a firm’s internal and external process. in a smooth and efficient way. ERP have got different modules which causes the main differences & is actually rated as the most effective man management software of the recent decades. ERP is the technique which was first coined in the early 1990’s.Gradually it is increasing and spreading rapidly. For it’s unique features it is easily acceptable around the globe. The main features which it focuses on :- a) Easy and convenient in maintaining and checking of Payroll of a concern which comprises of Attendance Register, Maintenance of Leave Register, Tracking of Daily records so on and so forth. b) Comprises of features like Inventory maintenance which includes BIN Card, options to prepare Stores ledger using different combinations like LIFO, FIFO, Average or Weighted Method as the case may be. C) Features also responsible for maintaing Accounts Receivable of Customers & updating daily records like day to day to cash maintenance, preparing Cash Book, Ledger, Trial Balance & Balance Sheet. d) Capable of Maintaining Accounts payable which comprises day to day transactions made to a Vendor, preparing Accounts Statement and so on. e) Also eligible for staffing process and always keep a bull eye to your daily tasks. f) Efficient for managing every single task in a customized way. g) It is able to interact with the new avenues of your Money Marketing Possibilities in a distinctive way and ready to track transactions accurately and eminently, issues TDS certificates, Commission Statement , Weekly, Monthly or Yearly Report at a go as per Company’s business policies.

Money thus plays a crucial role in the life of every human being. Through the advancement of new technology every business concerns have an opportunity to take a look of the features available in the market online when it leads to ERP. Creative features will definitely boost special importance to every business entity.

Through the advancement of ERP you can also have a clear view about your business status across the country or globe at the click of a mouse. Prospect have the option always to have a quick look over the product and services through different prevailing options available in the present scenario of observations. A superior quality of MONEY MARKETING SOFTWARE based on ERP will always feel the difference.

Conclusion :- Improper use of acquiring the software viz; pirated or duplicate may cause you a loss so I recommend you to use only Licensed Software to gain high definition results.