Gvo Real Business Or Scam

What is GVO? I have been seeing a lot of information lately about the launch of GVO and how it will be the best network marketing company and you should get involved in it now. Being formerly known as Kiosk, GVO has now received a lot of attention when the company decided to go the route of network marketing. The owner of GVO is no stranger to the network marketing industry having been in it personally for over 12 years.

So what does GVO offer? All that is seen is people trying to get other people to join the company, but never is there anything said about product. The actual product being offered by GVO is web-hosting services. The reason as to why you may not hear much about the web-hosting is because it is being marketed specifically to internet marketers. Among many of the services offered for $45 per month includes your own video marketing system, an auto-responder, lead capture pages, & website monitoring software. These services alone are well worth the $45 monthly fee.

In addition to all of these features in the product you will also receive your own website and landing page to promote GVO. In doing so, you will receive a commission on sales made. The first month of a new customer you will receive 50%. Any month after the first assuming your customer continues making the monthly how deep you build your downline.

The neat thing with this product is that it is geared toward internet marketers, and for those serious about building a business on the internet, you will likely be in business for a long time since that is your strategy. This also means that many of your GVO customers could also be long time customers just as you.

Generating leads, making new sales and building a large team will naturally be the biggest obstacle you have to face with marketing your GVO business. Your current lead list most likely will run out very quickly as it is probably not very large and not everyone on that list will want to or even need the services of GVO. The best way to find new leads on the internet which is absolutely genius since the GVO product is an internet product geared towards internet marketers. By being able to create new leads on the internet on a daily basis, you can get your GVO product and opportunity in front of more people.