Interactive Marketing Vs. Traditional Marketing

Traditional and interactive marketing are the two phase of the marketing. Traditional marketing was mainly based on assumptions. In traditional marketing the group of marketing executives used to assume that through which means audiences can be targeted and attracted and those factors were then considered for marketing. Custom campaign was build on the basis of the assumptions. Earlier in the traditional type of marketing assumptions was made from the past reports of the company. This marketing technology was used for the years which were then replaced by the interactive marketing.

The difference between the interactive and the traditional marketing is that in the traditional marketing things were predicted with the help of the past performance, but in interactive marketing, customers are the main consideration. In interactive marketing customers are asked that what their requirements are and what are they looking for and expecting from the companies. After that the marketing experts try to mold the services and the products according the requirement of the customers. interactive marketing is very much appreciated by the customers as they are considered the main factor. Personal thoughts and the feelings of the customers are considered by the companies. By this the customers of the particular company start taking more interest in the products and the services of the company. After all customers are the one main important factor for all the business owners, if they will have no customers, then they will have no business. Business owners gain more trust in the customers.

This type of the interactive marketing is important in todays world if the company wants to be on the top position. Web site is the basic form of this type of marketing. With the help of the web site owner is able to remember the previous purchases by the customers. Web site advertisement is the essential part of the interactive marketing. Also by doing this owner will able to direct more traffic to the web site which indirectly will increase the sale of the business. When a person visits the web site for the first time, he/she searches for the product of their interest. Second time when the person login to the web site the record will show all the products which the customer searched previously and the new ones matching with it. Not only this to attract the customers regular mails are dropped in their mailbox regarding to the new products or the services of their interest. This technique attracts the customers and they become more loyal to the particular company which is assisting them regularly.

A survey is made in which the customers are offered to give their personal views about the available products of the company. When this process gets completed a list is made in which the requirements of the customers are written. The products and the services are matched accordingly.
This type of marketing approach is becoming popular as it considers customers as the main factors. If the owner will ignore the customers factor, will suffer loss in business.