New Business Ideas For Entrepreneurs

If you hope to start your own business, but are lacking a concept, there are many places to look for ideas. While there are many creative techniques which can be used to devise original business ideas, there are also a wealth of options freely available. Try the following websites to gather ideas for a new business.


A blog by Kevin Leneway, a Microsoft developer, A Startup a Day is an outlet for numerous new business ideas, often hitching onto current pop cultural trends. David Friedman, a photographer, created Ironic Sans, devoted to ideas for photos, designs, gadgets, and other projects. Idea a Day is another blog with short descriptions of business ideas. Although the specific ideas listed may not be right for you to act upon, the type of ideas and the way they are constructed should set your mind on the right track to develop ideas of your own.


Springwise takes the individual blog of business ideas a step further by using a network of more than 8,000 idea spotters to contribute business ideas that are currently being used all over the world. The fact that many of these ideas are already being used does not mean there is no room for competition or for import into another country, however.

This site, based in Singapore, gathers new business ideas from informers, much like Springwise. The website also includes an impressive list of links to other business idea websites like those mentioned above.

Tips for Borrowing Ideas

When borrowing ideas from sites like these, remember that the fact that many of these ideas are already in practice in one form or another should not scare you away from using them. Very few business ideas are 100% original and most are variations on existing concepts. Also, the fact that a business was able to find a market for its product or service tells you that there may well be room for competitors to join the market.