Microblogging Marketing, The New Chinese Internet Marketing Strategy

The same with other countries people in the world, Chinese people like to join social networking to communicate each other more and more. By the end of April, 2011, the registered users of Sina microblogging has exceeded 140 million. So you definitely will not neglect the function of microblogging in Chinese internet marketing strategy.

Undoubtedly, microblogging is changing the traditional way of information transferring. Now in China, Sino microblogging has become the first major platform for interactive, personalized, and sharing information.

As a new marketing method, microblogging marketing is much different from traditional marketing and advertising. The professional internet marketing company will pay more attention to communicating with internet users and dig the real value of products. The experts will create brand marketing value, and implementing customers initiative. They will study the behavior and interests of customers. Based on this, they make social networking marketing strategy solution to increase brands value. By persisting and progressive communication, help brand set up long term and stable relationship with customers, so as to realize the value of the depth level of communication.

Of course, an experts and professional company is needed for your microblogging strategy in China market. First step,

Wondering Why Mba In Marketing Heres With Exciting Career Opportunities Possible In Marketing

Job opportunities: Important considerations for any candidate planning a professional MBA in marketing are questions like:
What is the scope of MBA marketing?
How is an MBA marketing salary?
What after MBA in marketing?
and the like. If you think that there is no scope of MBA marketing managers in this age of recession! Think again! In these tough times the crying demand of the companies is to increase their sales even more, thus, the scope of MBA marketing only becomes more critical and vital for the survival of the organisation. Thus, there is always a good scope of MBA Marketing even during the times of recession, although anMBA marketing salary might be seemingly lower than during boom times.

Career options after MBA marketing: Let us briefly look at thescope of MBA marketing in the context of industries; one can develop a career in sectors ranging from FMCG, Retail, Tourism, Banking, Hospitality, IT and ITeS, Media, PR & Advertising, Consultancy, Market Research etc. Let us briefly look into the different job profiles a candidate can expect after MBA in marketing.

Marketing manager: The marketing managers responsibilities focus on servicing and managing an ongoing relationship with

Uae Business Opportunities – Types Of Businesses You Can Start In Uae

If you’re planning to start a business then you might want to consider setting one up in the Middle East, especially in the United Arab Emirates. UAE business opportunities can only be considered as abundant considering that the current economic status of the region is at its peak and growing. However, it would be best if you check out your options first before you proceed to avoid regrets later on.

Real Estate Investment

Real estate in UAE is practically contributed a majority of the region’s GDP. According to studies, 22% of the region’s GDP is attributed to real estate and current construction projects are pulling up the numbers to the boon of various investors looking for a profitable venture in the UAE. Note that real estate in UAE; especially in Dubai is still not well-known to foreign investors so dishing out money for such today might be to your advantage.


Tourism is just one of the most profitable UAE business opportunities available to investors. Tourist and vacationers flock to the city every year to enjoy the tropical climate, as well as the various opportunities for fun and relaxation offered in the city. Setting up a travel agency

Baking And A Catering Business Can Take You A Long Way

Baking is a hobby a lot of people indulge in passionately. For a lot of us, it is a hobby. A large number of people however have a catering and baking business. Since, there isnt ever a dearth of parties etc. they are always thriving and in profit. For, anyway, there arent zillions of businesses indulging into catering and baking. Hence, those who do are the best bet for anyone who wants to party. Moreover, the businesses put in their best effort to bring out the best for their customers. Hence, they are always making a good profit out of their business.

There are a large number of technical definitions of baking all over the internet and in encyclopedias and dictionaries. However, none of the bakers will have any idea of any of these definitions. For the bakers of the world, baking is an art; these confectioners bake cupcakes, birthday cakes and all other kinds of cakes and cookies with a lot of love and passion. Owing to which, the end product is perfection personified. However, in order to achieve this perfection, it is necessary to have the right kind of bakery equipment or else, there is a good

Tom Martino Damages Oregon Business

In November 2004, talk radio host Tom Martino picked up the phone on his consumer-advice show. Unhappy Washington state resident Melissa Feroglia was calling to complain about a jet ski she had purchased in Boring, Oregon at John and Susan Gardner’s Mount Hood Polaris. Unfortunately for the Gardners, Martino’s show was nationally syndicated.

Feroglia told Martino that her jet ski had broken down again and again. According to Feroglia, John Gardner had first promised to refund her money, but had then said that her ski jet was fixed and there would be no refund. Feroglia concluded her woes by telling Martino that at that point the weather was too cold. She would have to wait until spring to try out her jet ski.

Martino, in the flip and annoying way of many talk show hosts who could not be bothered with the facts, then told Feroglia that Gardner was lying to her. Martino and Martino’s producer continued the saga by telling us of a cycle we are all far too familiar with: Calling the shop, being told to contact the manufacturer, contacting the manufacturer, and being told to call the shop again. We don’t know if their tale was true

How To Use Benchmarking With Balanced Scorecard For Your Business

Business benchmarking is the process wherein you determine which company is the best, the one that sets the standard and identify the standard. Basically, you compare your own processes and the metrics that you use with your competitors. However, benchmarking is not only about concentrating on your rivals. You will actually take a look at the wide industry itself and compare it with the other industries. That is certainly a difficult thing to do and being tasked to do so means that you have to take a look at a wide variety of dimensions including quality, time and price. When you benchmark, you will be able to do things better, quicker and much more cost effective. In this case, business benchmarking is a crucial process for organizations. Even though it is tricky and complex, you can simplify the whole procedure by means of benchmarking with balanced scorecard.

The balanced scorecard is known for being one of the most versatile business tools ever invented. You can measure the efficiency and the performance of the most important factors that affect and may affect the success of your business. Using key performance indicators, you can create performance based management and use that system

Pm Blaster – How To Market On Forums & Drive Traffic To Your Site

PM Blaster Forum Marketing Tool..

Marketing In Forums is the new wave in internet advertising. Internet marketers have hit rock bottom with myspace and are desperately searching for a better way to drive traffic and promote their websites and products. PM Blaster is a new tool that allows anyone to “Mass Private Message” a variety of forums on the internet. Forum marketing has taken off widely due to the release Of PM Blaster. Why is forum advertising so affective? well there are tons and tons of forums on the internet with millions of different niches. You can use a powerful tool like PM Blaster to to message a forum and send out the word about your site or product using PM Blaster. Simply search for a forum for example : “dog forums” and then private message everyone in that forum on complete auto pilot using PM Blaster (Vbulletin Bot) and send them to your Product, Website, Or Ad relating the topic of Dog. It’s that simple.

* Find A Niche Forum
* Use PM Blaster Private Message All The Users
* Users are directed to your Website, Product, Ebook, Or Advertisement .

See ! – using PM

Business Card Printing Pitfalls To Avoid

Engaging a printer to produce your custom business cards is a fantastic idea. The quality of the finished product will always be much better than a business card printed from a personal computer or stationary store, and most industry printing companies offer a wide assortment of quantities, card materials, and enhancement features (such as spot UV business cards). Some will even create your high-resolution, print-ready artwork for you, thereby eliminating the time and hassle of creating your own card files.

However, in order to optimize your print job, it is important to avoid or at least consider some of the potential problems that could create a less-than-perfect finished product.

Pitfall #1: Cards with Spot Colors

Accurate color reproduction is by far the most common problem seen throughout the printing industry. Most times, problems arise when a CMYK printer attempts to print a Pantone color. Pantone or spot colors are typically highly customized colors that fall outside of the normal CMYK 4-color printing process.

CMYK is a process whereby thousands of colors can be created by mixing various percentages of cyan (C), magenta (M), yellow (Y) and black (K). Open any full color magazine and you will see CMYK

Small Business Dashboard Design Dos And Don’ts

A business success dashboard is a computer based reporting application that displays your key business metrics in gorgeous colourful graphs that all but smack you in the face with startlingly practical insights about how to boost your business success.

No longer do we need to rely on black and white printed sales reports choking with numbers arranged in columns and rows. Ick! You can’t get powerful insights from looking at numbers arranged in tables – it’s scientifically proven, so don’t bother arguing! 😉

The really exciting and cool thing about business success dashboards is that they take the guesswork out of your decision making.

Dashboards put right in front of you the bare facts about show-stopping results like how well your marketing is attracting profitable leads, how easily you can convert a lead into a customer, what your customers like and don’t like, where you’re wasting time in your business and how healthy your cash flow is.

But as a small business owner or entreprenuer, you’ll only give your time to setting up your business success dashboard if it’s fun, fast and profit-building. So here are 7 dos and don’ts to make sure your dashboard is:

1. DO start

Small Business Ideas Are These The Best Of The Year So Far

Small Business Idea #1. During a credit crisis, the number of unpaid debts inevitably soars. The inventive solution of one Spanish debt collection business has resulted in a much higher debt repayment rate than conventional agencies (around 70%).

Their solution?

The El Cobrador del Frac (The Debt Collector in Top Hat and Tails) dresses its collectors as Hollywood villains, complete with a large black briefcase and his/her job title (Debt Collector) emblazoned on it.

The idea is that the neighbours will notice and few debtors like that.

Small Business Idea #2.

For travellers on long-haul flights, jet-lag is a constant problem. However, light therapy is a proven antidote to jet-lag and thats why Aroports de Paris has introduced popular light therapy booths at Paris-Orly and Paris-Charles de Gaulle airports.

How many long-haul passengers suffer from jet-lag every year?

Franchise anyone?

Small Business Idea #3.

The funeral business is known for its sombre conservatism. But that doesnt suit everyones taste. For that reason, the Tombstone Hearse Company, offers the transportation of funeral caskets (or urns) in motorcycle-drawn nineteenth-century style hearses. Prices start at US$650.

The Black Velvet Motorcycle Hearse company, instead uses a Harley Davidson