Starting A Computer Reseller Business In South Africa

The IT industry in South Africa is an ever growing market. Technology is a part of our everyday lives and is constantly improving and expanding. Why not tap into this massive income opportunity? Starting your own business normally involves a lot of planning and startup capital, but what if this is not necessarily the case? Have you always wondered how you can start a computer business with little or no capital? Then I have good news for you; its possible!

South Africa has a huge market for computer products and services. You can reap the benefits by starting your own reseller business and this is easier than most people realize. Think about it. You need the right products, i.e. suppliers, potential customers, an advertising medium and of course a location. Now this can all be accomplished in a few simple steps. You can do all this online and work from virtually anywhere in the world. Compared to other business opportunities, this is one of the best businesses to have. Your expenses are minimal, leaving you with a high income potential. Added to this, you have no inventory, no employees and no overheads. You now have an online business

There are basically two ways to do this. Your first option would be to register a business (about R150 at CIPRO) and open a bank account. Then you need to find the various suppliers and apply for an account. Then you need to set up a website for people to be able to find your business, place orders, etc. Lastly you need to market your products and services as much as possible.

Then there is a perfect solution for those wanting to start an IT business immediately: For a very small monthly fee you can join a Reseller Program that includes a host of features. You get access to all the top IT suppliers in South Africa, so no need for lengthy applications and waiting periods. This instantly gives you access to thousands of top brand products at supplier prices you can now compete with all the major IT stores and determine your own profit. Another benefit is that you can join as a business or individual so you dont need to register a CC or company. You also get your own domain name with hosting where you can set up your own website or online store without having to pay a hosting provider.

On top of it all, you get all this upon joining, so you dont have to wait weeks or months to get started. You can immediately start listing your products; determine your own pricing and only order when a customer has placed an order with you. Orders can even be delivered directly to your customers. This eliminates the financial risk and you dont need purchase stock upfront. This is by far the best business opportunity out there. Everything works online and you can sit back and enjoy your new business from anywhere!