The Creation Of Incredible Business Ideas

Have you ever thought to yourself I want to work for myself but I don’t know what to do? Maybe I will copy some of the well know entrepreneurs like, Donald trump, Richard Branson etc. They’ve made a lot of money for themselves. Maybe you don’t want to copy other people’s ideas even if they are proven, maybe you want to create an idea of your own. Maybe you have an idea of your own, but it needs expanding. Dear reader I think you might be surprised the amount of people who have made an adequate amount of money from their ideas. For example. Sewing Bedsheet Corners Brought Housewife a $1million Plus Deal! At-a-glance Facts: Name: Giselle Jubinville. Nationality: Canadian. Age: 41 yrs. -Foolish’ Idea: A fitted bottom bed sheet, that stayed put instead of popping off the mattress. Start-up Capital: Nearly $16,000 – borrowed from friends and family – for the patent. How Idea was launched: Secured the patent from office in Washington, D.C. The two largest Canadian sheet manufacturers were not interested in her design. So, she tried Springs Industries in the U.S., and they purchased her patent. Sales: Through Springs Industries. Earnings: Giselle was paid $1million plus for the sale of the patent. Not all business ideas are made up on their own some come from other ideas. Where Do Ideas Come From? It amazes me really. So many people say -I had an idea the other day–. But when you ask them WHY they had the idea, they can’t tell you! Sure they can tell you what the idea does and how it works etc but the one thing they can’t tell you is why they had the idea. You see, human beings are the only species that are adaptable to any environment. We CAN live in polar ice caps, tropical rainforests and even deserts! We CAN, but mostly we live in the more pleasant environments. The reason we can do this and other animals can’t is because we are able to have- ideas. Ideas that enable us to survive in these unpleasant environments- if we need to. Animals don’t have ideas. They act automatically. If their environment changes, they don’t adapt and in severe cases they die off. So- this means, unfortunately, as humans we are REQUIRED to have ideas to survive. And also thankfully, we are WIRED to have ideas. You need ideas to survive. But you can also use ideas to prosper, not just to survive. Ideas to prosper are much more complex to figure out. A great thing about life is you are rewarded both internally and externally for doing things that further your life.