Think Win-win Situation In Doing Business

In any business dealings any business owner would be better off to give a clear mutual understanding and agreement up front with your customer or supplier so as to create a situation whereby nobody loses or win at the expense of the other.

The following situations will tell you why:-

Of course as a business owner you may appear to win in a deal but that would results in your relationship with your other parties being suffered. You may get what you want this time but most likely you will never get a repeated business. So your short-term win would result in both parties losing in the long run.

Similarly in a business negotiation, if you would to give in to your other parties’ demand so as to please or appease the other party, so that you could projects yourself as the nice guy, you will be leaving the negotiation table with deep disappointment and resentments.

At the end even though the other party have won, both parties would felt bad in the long run. One would think he had taken advantage over the other and the other would felt they are being suppressed. At the end nobody wins.

Some business owners would rather spoil the deal than allows the other party to win in a deal. They have the desire for the other party to lose, even if it means losing themselves.

At the other end, some would only think of winning. Nothing matters to them than to win and win. It is not that they want someone to lose but they do not care. All they want is to win at all costs.

It all depends how this mentality is being applies in our daily life. If it is done in an immoral way which involves dirty tactics and manipulations to win a contract, you short-lived jubilant will certainly not be celebrated by some quarters. Some will become vindictive and will take revenge against you.

So what is the best option then?

Every situation is in fact interdependent on each parties involved in a business deal. It is going to be Catch 22 situation here. If you win in a business deal, eventually you will lose in the long-term where people would not want to do business with you again.

If you want to lose in a negotiation in order to win the favour of your other parties, you would not gain their respect if they know that you are undercutting your competitors. They will have no qualm to jump ship to another person who can offer them a more favourable deal next time. In this situation you lose just the same.

In a win-win situation, both parties would respect each other’s value and will come up with an agreeable solution so that no one will lose out to the other.

The other solution is to agree not to agree when both parties cannot agree to anything or when one party has the obvious advantage over the other in a negotiation.

Think Win-Win in doing business even when both parties opt not to deal when nothing can be achieved in a negotiation. With that both parties can come out clean without the need to exercise their powers and manipulating ways on each other.