Tomatocart – Open Source Shopping Cart Software Facilitates Your Business

TomatoCart is a new open source shopping cart software written in PHP, developed since 2009. Branched from the popular osCommerce to provide better user experience and more enhanced e-commerece features with search engine friendly and semantic code, TomatoCart is a promising PHP ecommerce solution backed with Ext JS based rich administration.

TomatoCart is equipped with a list of comprehensive features, some of which is rarely heard. Here are some hightlighted features listed below:

RIA Based Back Office
You may be surprised at the design of TomatoCart Back Office as it is like the desktop of a computer. In addition, the sidebar on the back office’s screen is not only applied to decorate your admin panel but also to show you the latest information of your online shop.

Similar to the desktop setting of a computer, you can to set autorun,quickstart, shortcut and context menu in advance and change wallpaper setting as well as theme setting at any time you prefer.

Lightweight Framework
TomatoCart turns to the simplified MVC which is based on osCommerce, rather than PHP framework to be much easier to download, install and update.

Search Engine Optimization
TomatoCart implements the Rich Keyword URL for products, categories, reviews, articles, etc. Rich Keyword URL includes the name of content instead of the ID, which brings you a good position in Google organic search results.

Web Analytics
TomatoCart has integrated the open source web analytics program Piwik to generate various statistics about visitors,sales reports and orders history to facilitate your business.

Email System
TomatoCart sends and recieve emails with POP3 and IMAP protocol on Email System.What is more, other email accounts can also be addedd to this one. In other words, TomatoCart includes an one-in-box email system.

Rich Marketing Tools
Coupons, gift certificates, wishlists, tax based on region or country, discounts based on quantity and customer groups, cross-selling, store credits,rating and reviews, tell a friend, best sellers, RSS feeds, water mark tools are popular and necessary promotional tools among the TomatoCart marketing tools.

Content Management System
No technical knowledge of HTML is required while articles are written. And the permission restriction ensures the saftey and efficiency of the admin panel. Last but not least, ImageMenu, Slideshow, Banner Manager and File Manager all make the frontend distinctive.

User Experience Focused
The site search precisely shows your target product. The popular search terms is shown in different size due to different search frequency. Customers are allowed to print the invoice. Last but not least, the product comparison assists customers during the purchase.

As a free shopping cart prgram, TomatoCart is released on a regular basis. The developer team always collects user ideas and then draft for the next version, which should be a factor to push this program forward all the time.

Worth to mention, TomatoCart is awarded as 2nd Runner up of Open Source Ecommerce Applications in 2010 Open Source Awards held by PACKT, which should be a big recognition to this young open source program and will encourage it to grow up . TomatoCart users believe it should only be a good beginning for TomatoCart and in the future, it will be widely known as the best free ecommerce solution.