Types And Contents Of Business Letters

There many kinds of business letters along with many kinds of business. . Business letters are grouped into two types.

There are different kinds of business letters, used for different purposes. They are divided into two types: the business to business type and the business to client type. These business letters have the same outline as a professional letter.

Business letter outline:
-Senders address
-Inside address or the recipients address
-Initials of the typist

Business-to-business types are intended for company to company communication. Examples are:
Appreciation Letter a letter of gratitude and appreciation for help extended, or a good business deal.
Thank you is a letter of gratitude.
Congratulations is a letter that praises the recipient for a job well- done
Letter of Recognition a written statement of recognized efforts similar to an appreciation letter.
Letter of Reference is a character reference letter. It is a letter building up the character of a person to be accepted in a job.
Recommendation is an endorsement letter to hire a certain person. Sympathy letter is a letter of condolences to a person or family.
Invitation letter is a letter persuading a person or a company to join an event or an occasion.
Letter of credit is a way of endorsing a certain business to be considered a credit loan.
Letter of interest a reply to an invitation that confirms presence on the event/occasion.
Business memorandum notices that are distributed to the staff. They are reminders of company activities, or imminent changes in the company. Business introduction is done to introduce a new business to the readers.
Business letter a letter that talks about the plans for the business.
Donation letter a letter asking for donations.
Termination letter more popularly known as a resignation letter. It signifies someones desire to leave a job permanently.

Business-to-Client letters are:
Welcome Letter welcomes the client and thanking him for choosing the company.
Letter of Appreciation thanks the client for having business with the company.
Apology Letter asking the client for reconsideration, and apologizes for failing to deliver.
Collection Letter notice outstanding payments due.
Invoice Letter Template this is asking the clients to state the invoice number of their transactions.
Letter of Invitation inviting a client to join a certain gathering.
Marketing Letter is stating the newest products that the company will provide soon or is presently providing.
Rejection Letter is stating the rejection of the clients request.

Business letters are more formal in writing. Follow the formats strictly. Be concise, clear and direct to the point.