We Bhanaps Not Meant For Business

That Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru as a boy held his senior B. Narasing Rau in awe is evident from his letters to his dad Motilal Nehru. Benegal brothers blazed a trail for other bhanaps to follow it may be said. We popularly known as Chitrapur Saraswat Brahmins are also known as bhanaps.

We have proved ourselves highly successful as thinkers, writers, authors, singers, directors, painters, singers, actors, beauticians, models, and what not. Name it and we are there!

But then business (?) A big No please!

To what extent this thought is sunk in the psyche of our community as a whole is best illustrated by an incident that reportedly occurred in a *bhanap family.

A very eligible Bhanap Bachelor Businessman (BBB) was struck by the beauty of an attractive bhanap girl at a friend’s wedding and fell for her instantly! Forthwith he gathered all necessary information and passed the same on to his mother who in turn called the family priest who had all the details on his lap-top! The result was positive in every area viz., family, age, horoscopes etc. But then there was only one hitch!

The girl’s parents had been looking for an alliance for some time and a positive response had come through from the boy’s side just around this time.

So now the choice before them was:

1)The handsome young businessman already introduced to you. But then the initiative was taken by the Groom’s side – a minus point. And 2)A boy with a secured job although not so good looking.

For the girl’s parents a curious situation had arisen indeed!

The priest was fretting and fuming! He knew the businessman boy very well. When he tried to intervene the girl’s uncle was furious! -What do you know- you priest! Confine yourself to chanting mantras and matching of horoscopes for prospective brides and bride-grooms,- – he shouted.

Poor chap the priest nervously replied, -Of course I know the boy and his family for decades. They have 3 or 4 cars and 2 or 3 factories etc., not only here in Mumbai but also in Nagpur and–

-What’s the name of his company? Is it a proprietorship or partner-ship firm? Or is it a limited coy?-

The priest was completely lost and began to shake all over and finally signed off. But then before that he defensively added, -Of course I do not know these finer points–

-Then please keep your mouth shut and do not interfere in such delicate topics hereafter- was the uncle’s final rude reply through whom the alliance had come up.

On the day of the marriage, the function was over in the morning itself. During reception the groom’s colleagues arrived in a group headed by their boss with a gift in hand who turned out to be none other than BBB; the most eligible Bhanap Bachelor Businessman who despite being extremely handsome and most deserving unfortunately had been turned down for the only reason -he is in business’