What Is the IPAS 2 Marketing System and How Can You Benefit From It

So in this article I will explain what iPAS 2 is and how you can use it to build your network marketing business or any other business you are trying to build online. Let’s go over what the iPAS 2 system is:

iPAS two is what you would call a “funded proposal.” It is a marketing system that you can use to build any business you would like. What’s so important to understand about this system is that you can actually make profit with it before you introduce anyone to your primary business. This is crucial for building a successful online biz.

Here is a description of each product and why they are positioned the way they are:

The first product is what’s called a “trip-wire” product. This is designed to introduce your prospects to how they can make money online. Because the product is so affordable, your conversion rates can be as high as 15% on the front-end. Have you ever wondered why the top marketers are always making BIG money with their business’s? Well, this is why.

The front-end product is priced at $7. You can expect about 8-15 sales at $7 for every 100 visitors you get to the sales page. This will almost always cover your advertising costs.

The second product is priced at $47. This product will teach them more advanced methods of building their business and scaling up advertising. Here’s where it gets exciting for you if you’ve never had success before: You can expect up to 30% of the people who purchased the $7 product to go ahead and purchase the $47. That’s 2-4 up-sell sales, or $94-$188. At this point, the system has put you in “profit-mode.”

This is exactly why the iPAS 2 marketing system was created. So many people have been struggling to make any income. This is because they are told to market their primary opportunity or product. If you continue to go down that path, you can only expect 1 sale for every 100 visitors you get to your website. You will never make a profit with this model.

For example, if your primary product earns you $47 or even $97 per sale, and you send 100 visitors to your website at the price of $1 per visitor, that’s $100 for advertising and a loss of $3-$53. See why having a great front-end funnel is SO crucial?

Now, it get’s even better. Within the iPAS 2 funnel, you will also get a $97 product. This is where your “walk away” income will be created. Let’s look at what 1,000 visitors will generate in terms of income:

You get 1,000 visitors to your website and this is what it will look like: I’ll be conservative with the numbers here to give you an example of average results. The $7 product will convert at.08%. This is 80 sales. The $47 up-sell will convert at.30%. That is 24 sales. The $97 product will also convert.30%. That’s 7 sales. OK, let’s ad up the numbers.

80 sales at $7 a sale is $560. 24 sales at $47 a sale is $1,128. 7 sales at $97 is $679. When you add them up, the total is $2,367. Let’s say you spent $1 per visitor. That’s a $1,000 ad cost. Subtract your ad cost from your earnings and you’ll get $1,367. Do you see the power in this!

This is exactly why Chris Jones created iPAS 2. He wanted to give people a system that the top leaders are using. If you look at any successful internet marketer, you will see that they all have this type of sales funnel in place.

So now you know what it takes to be successful online. If you ever hope to make a full-time income with your home business, you need to start thinking about setting up sales funnels like this one. The thing is, people need to know more about you before they will make a purchase with you. A sales system that is setup in the way I talked about above will get people to “put their foot in the door” and request more information from you.

This is exactly what it takes to have amazing conversions with your products. I hope you see the potential you have with using an effective sales funnel.